Did you know that you use one kilo of steel on a daily basis?

According to Statista.com’s report, in Europe we consume on average more than 320 kg of finished steel products per capita per year, and it’s only going to get more. Where can we find all this steel? In public transport (trains and tracks), machinery, medical devices, most pipes, engines, windmills and building structures, but also in many everyday, irreplaceable conveniences such as keys, paper clips and tools. If we want to reach the climate goals, the use of steel will only increase. Many wind turbines need to be built, public transportation needs to be expanded significantly, and the increase in electric cars is creating a lot of demand for steel for infrastructure and the cars themselves. No building can be stable and robust without steel. This means that in future, we will need a lot of green steel, with sustainable production, processing and recycling

The Growth Fund proposal “Groeien met Groen Staal” offers a plan for making the entire steel sector more sustainable, from production to recycling. Stay tuned!

close up of a crane for recycling metallic waste
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